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What kind of a Problem Solver are you?


Do not be fooled by the title of this article! This is an article which is extremely important from the perspective of CAT? How so?

The ‘problem solving’ in this article actually refers...

Topperís Speak: How to improve your CAT Verbal Percentile?


Since aspirants are on high preparation mode from June itself, this is the best time to spread some guidance regarding how to improve your mock scores in verbal ability section.

Reading Suggestions: Newspapers & Magazines you should be Reading for CAT


In the last couple of blog posts for CAT preparation, I have talked about the importance of reading and what kind of books you should be reading. In this post, I talk about the newspapers, columns, magazines and online newspaper columns you should be...

Last Minute Strategy for CAT Maths, LR and DI: The Final Leap


Well, we are almost there. The alarm bell is actually about to ring anytime now and you guys should be ready for slug-fest on the 4th of December. The anxiety must be at all-time high right now and it makes sense that each one of thinks with a cool head before heading into your...